Find Your Fade

I'm Fadin! So, I hopped on the bandwagon and found my fade. What's better than using 7 different flavors of Vida Sock in one project? I really enjoyed picking out the colors for this shawl, but it seemed like every time I thought I knew what color I wanted next, I changed it! But that's the best part! I have 3 color changes left to do and when I am done, I am finding the closest ice cream parlor and wearing it there because this shawl is going to look like an Ice Cream Extravaganza!

Indulge in 7 flavors of Vida Sock to create your delicious fade!


Watermelon Sorbet, Strawberry Shortcake, Funfetti Spaghetti, Banana Berry Cream Puff, Salt Water Taffy, Blueberry Sorbet, Breakfast at Tiffany's